Epagomenal Day One: Wesir 

Em Hotep!

Yesterday, I had a lot of plans for today, the whole set of Epagomenal Day’s in fact. However this morning had me waking up to an almost migraine and and upset stomach that had me calling into work today. About halfway through what would have been my shift I was laying in bed fiddling and trying to get everything under control when I had the sudden thought that “oh dear if I don’t start feeling better I won’t be able to make my Birthday celebration offerings”. Shortly after that thought my stomach stopped giving me fits and my headache became more manageable. Coincidence or sneaky Netjeru determined to get his Birthday offering? I’ll let you decide haha.

Either way shortly after I finally dragged myself out of bed to shower, and when I got out I went to look for a green shirt to color coordinate for Wesir’s day, and the only green piece of clothing I had was my “Get a life” Mario shirt…suffice to say I was in a fit of giggles for a little while, here’s looking at you Wesir ;). 

Now it’s shortly after noon, and I am contemplating on the offerings I am going to give, as I don’t have much on hand right now and can’t go to the store. I’m think an orange, and maybe a beer or water, and an incense  is all my stomach can handle right now. I hope he understands. Later if I am able to swing it I want to do some birthday Heka, and maybe write a letter, we shall see how the rest of the day goes, see you again tomorrow for the next Eagomenal Day :).