Em Hotep!

One of my goals for the new year was to perform Senut more often than just once a month or once every other month. The way I was able to start accomplishing this was in large due to my Husband. While he doesn’t really understand my beleifs all of my celebrations, Especially Wep Ronpet were due to him. Normally I get up for work/College about 540-6 AM. It usually gives me time to make coffee and potty my dog, then after work I usually walk him. Well with the way this summer has been its been too hot for both of us to walk midday, so I needed an alternative, and I needed to make time for Senut.

My husband however, has always been an early riser, having grown up on a farm. For his current job he gets up at 3-330 Am, and he’s always encouraging me to get up with him so we can visit in the morning. For a while I did and then when he left I would go back to sleep. One day it hit me, if I stayed up I could walk my dog in the morning, get cleaned up, and have the time and privacy to do Senut. 

So, a few days leading up to the New Year I was able to get up, and have time for Senut. It was very nice for a change, and then shortly after Senut I was able to watch the sunrise out the window of our spare bedroom turned office. This continued forming a lovely routine that left me in a better mood the rest of the day. Before I was always rushing and trying to find a time later in the day only to run out of time. It also left me oddly optimistic to be able to watch the sunrise over the mountain shortly after spending time with the Netjeru. 

All was well, until this Sunday when we picked up a puppy for my father in-law. We were going to watch him until Thursday when me and my sister went down to visit him and out parents. He threw a wrench in the routine of everyone in the apartment. Despite my dog being 2 1/2, I had forgotten how disruptive a puppy can truly be. 

At first it didn’t really bother me, I missed my sleep more than anything, but as time went by, I started to feel discouraged. Here I was doing so well, and it was doing me so good, and now…Nothing. A bunch of what ifs ran through my mind..What if I never got back to it and fell out of Senut all together?. It was starting to become something more harmful then good for me then I remember something I said to my mom about watching the sunrise. 

“It’s so great, watching a new day dawn, everything seems possible like you’ve been given a second chance.”

There will always be another day to start again. Just because I couldn’t due to the puppy doesn’t mean he will always be here. He will be at his permanent home tomorrow and I have a temporary senut shrine set up if I so choose while down there, and then when I get home, I can start my routine again. Just cause it wasn’t possible doesn’t mean it always will be. I need to learn not to be so hard on myself and to go with the flow of life.




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