Em Hotep!

Wow it was the first year I have been able to celebrate all the Epagomenal Days, and Wep Ronpet! 2 years ago I just did the Epagomenal Days, but not in my opinion very well, it was the first time doing it and I didn’t know what to expect. this year I was thankfully part of the KO community and had other people’s experiences to draw from. 

This year I got up early so I was guaranteed going to be able to do what I wanted uninterrupted. To start the day I got up with my Husband and sent him off to work, then I walked my dog , Ruger, for about a half hour, then came back and showered and Cleansed myself spiritually. After that I did a small Execration like ritual to rid myself of things in the coming year. 

After I did Senut, the first one of the new year :). I adjusted a prayer I try to do daily (Though right now it seems to be a Senut Prayer), to embody certain aspects of my Father and beloveds in my life.Kind of like things I could learn from them and incorporate into my life. I adjusted the wording to be more fitting for a year than just daily. 

I also made offerings to my line up of cool water, Coffee (Djehuty) and specific candles for each of them.

Dua Netjeru!




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