Em Hotep!

Today did not start off super great. I woke up like usual with the Hubby at 3 Am, went back to bed and had some of the weirdest dreams I have had in a while. While I can’t remember exactly what they were about I do remember that I was pretty weirded out by them. Then I woke up kinda late, and was almost late to work and forgot to brew me coffe. Not looking super optimistic. 

However, after work things started to look up. The beans I had cooking in the crock pot were coming a long very well, and I was able to pay rent on time, and when I went to the PO box my Yinepu statue had come today, so I was in a lot higher spirits when it came time to celebrate Aset’s birthday then I originally thought I was going to be. 

For her birthday I did a prayer, after which I wrote her a letter. I then offered a candle and some cool water, as I am not close to her and didn’t know what else might be appropriate. 

When I sat down to type this up I realized I had written a letter to almost everyone and after tomorrow I would have except Set and Heru-wer, While I know it’s a little late I have decided to write them belated birthday letters, rather then have them be left out, since I had written one to Djehuty on leap day also. Other than that I am super excited for Wep Ronpet and celebrating the new year with my Father and a brand new statue :).




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